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Camping and Survival Skills

  • Players can use harvested wood to feed active campfires to extend their life beyond normal limits.
  • Player skill allowing them to eat items foraged from the wild such as taters, strawberries, and such.

Creating Camps

  • Campfires allow for the placing of Camp Items
  • Three types of Camps: Basic, Bright, and Strong
  • Each campfire has a number of Camp Item slots depending on size
    • Basic Campfire - 1 slot
    • Bright Campfire - 3 slots
    • Strong Campfire - 6 slots

    • Camp Items add extra minutes to campfire lifespan
    • Campfires may not be placed within 100m of another
  • Camp Items
    • Healer Tent - heals wounds and reduces Dread
    • Supply Tent - small tent with wagon, as storage linked to Vault
    • Guard Tent - adds 2 archers to camp
    • Kinship Tent - adds Kinship Banner for area buff for all members nearby.
    • Rally Stone - small monument raised at the campsite that allows players to rally there after defeat
    • Wood Pile - extends life of campfire
    • Well - allows players to refill water-skins
    • Sharpening Wheel - weapons can be sharpened for a temporary attack bonus
    • Horse Post - allows players to Swift Travel from a Stable Master to its location (provided the player has the rations)
    • Ballista - siege weapon using a heavy bolt (PvMP only)
    • Catapult - siege weapon using a heavy stone or fire stone (PvMP only)

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