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Recovering from Wounds

  • Bandages that speed up timer on wounds, but does not heal a player totally, nor does it heal their morale.

Recovering Morale

  • /Hug or /Encourage to a targeted player will provide a small morale regeneration for a few seconds. Cool-down timer is 1 hour.
  • Players may purchase "water skins" that can be filled at a clean water-source, providing 3 gulps of fresh water. These provide a small morale or power regeneration for a few seconds, but the waterskin must be equipped in a tool-slot to be used.

Recovering Hope

  • Reading manuscripts of Hope will decrease the timer on any Dread you have accumulated, or give you a burst of Hope. These can be found in old libraries, or reassembled from scraps by Historians and become bound to the player upon being read. Hope Manuscripts can only be used if you have skills in the language with which it was written. A player with language and translation skills can convert the manuscript into another language. Manuscripts of tales from the First Age, or written in Quenya, are the most potent.
  • Sitting at a campfire or ina garden can reduce Dread.
  • Having a meal or a drink at a Tavern or in your personal Housing can reduce Dread. The effect is multiplied if your fellowship, a family member, or your kinship is near you and there is a fire going.

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