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Tavern Economy

Version 1.0

  • Players may put their crafted food up for auction in various Inns throughout Middle Earth.

There is a Sell tab on tavernkeeps where you can place food and drink items, as well as the buyout offer. Customers who select that tavernkeeper at that location can see the various player-crafted food items for sale.

The item limit for Taverns is shared with the Auction Hall limit.

Items do time-out and players will have to post them again. Length of time is determined by the location. Some have a longer hold time than others.

An icon will appear above the tavernkeeper's head or on the outside of the building if there are player goods for sale inside.

  • There are some items that Vendors will buy at higher prices in one place than they will in another. For instance, one area that has open plains may buy wood at higher prices, while a town like Scary won't purchase ore at very high prices.

You can get such sell tips from the tavernkeepers, suppliers, provisioners, and grocer's throughout Middle Earth.

Version 2.0

  • Version 2 changes the system to be Sell-at-auction/Buy-from-vendor only model to avoid abuse of system.
  • A delivery fee is charged the player for goods being accessable throughout the game world.


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