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Quests from Taverns

  • As you wander through a tavern and pass by an NPC, one can slip you a note that appears in your inventory. There are additional rooms in a Tavern that you can visit quest NPCs.
  • Some rooms are the objects of a quest, where you have to search for an item or a clue to continue to the next step.
  • Have company of dwarves or various patrons wander from their rooms to the main hall at times that you can waylay and be directed to a quest NPC that they know.

Mailed Quests from Patrons

  • Have Innkeepers or nearby patrons send you Quests through the mail depending on what you have done for them or in their stablishments. “Greetings, Master Stonebeard. I have an urgent matter I am hoping you can tend to.”
  • Toggle to receive Quests in the mail.

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